If I had to put it in words this is how it would go.

I know we were mixed up kids, I was irresponsible and awkward. Sometimes I was quite hermit like. Then I met this girl Alice, she was everything I have ever fantasied about. But even more than that I feel like she understood me. That I was a confused kid that got too heavy into pot and believed too much in believing. Nothing felt real to me back then except her. She would stay on aim with me late into the night and talk to me about everything. She showed me that I wasn't some shut in that was afraid of the world but someone who didn't understand it. In some ways I still don't. She called out of the blue today, I don't know about what. She is still very mysterious in nature. Seemed like she always has, but it got me wondering, what if. The most horrible question of all. But a valid one. What if I was more forward? What if I didn't do drugs? What if I was someone else?

More importantly, What if I still love her?

The answer is I do.
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BC launches in a week.

My dad grounded me from my compu again for some unknown reason.

My grades are picking up so LET ME PLAY WOW

Im never gonna ding 70

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Well its been a while sence I really posted anything of value.

Lately I have working alot and doing school work. Leaving little time for the computer. I've been feeling alright, just exausted.

Hmm. I'm hanging out with Bryant and company tommarow so I'm looking forward to that.

Now I just want to relax for a weekend and shoot away my worries.

Ahhh, headshots.