The Chado (underagechan) wrote,
The Chado

I've lost mostly everything I built up over the last couple years.

I've lost my health, I've lost my mind, I've lost my sleep, and most of all I've lost my self respect.

Its not that I want any of it back, its not that I am apologizing, its not that I am looking for attention. I just want to grow and feel like it matters.

I walked around my neighborhood in the rain for a long time. The whole time I felt drained and tired. I started wishing the lighting in the distance would come closer and blind me with that brilliant light. I walked in the middle of the road hoping a car would stop and ask if I was okay. I want someone to care more than I care for myself.

Its all a mess, everything is a mess. Its all gone. Finished.

I can still fix what is broken but I can't seem to get the energy to work on it.

I succeeded to fail.

I failed to succeed.
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